8-9 November 2014


0700-1200 - Open Practice
1200-1700 -
Sign On and Sruitineering
1300-1700 -
Controlled Practice


0800-0930 - Open Practice
0930 -
- Drivers Briefing
- Qualifying Round 1
- Lunch Break
- Qualifying Round 2
- Break
- Qualifying Round 3


0800-0900 - Open Practice
0915 -
0930-1130 -
Finals Round 1
1130-1230 -
Ride Challenge/Lunch Break
1230-1430 -
Finals Round 2
1430-1630 -
Finals Round 3
1700 -


Stadium Drive,
North Harbour Stadium,
Albany, Auckland.

NIs map 1

NIs map 2


Entries Close Thursday, 30th October 2014.

No Entries accepted after this time. All fees to be received no later than Midnight, Monday 3rd November 2014

Unpaid Entries will be removed at this time.

Entries are open only to current NZRCA Licence Holders

Entry Fees

1st Class - $40.00

Subsequent classes - $20.00

Control Tires

Mini Class will run with the following Control Tyre.

Muchmore MXM-MM Pre mounted and pre glued

Cost is $30.00 for the set of 4.

1x Numbered set will be available for this event.

All other classes run as per NZRCA 2014 Rules


Minimum ride height is reduced to 7mm

Touring Stock

Dispensation is approved for Touring Stock Brushless to run as per 2015 Rules. NZRCA will issue an updated Roar / NZRCA list no later than Monday 6th October.

Classes will be:

  • Touring Stock (Silvercan)
  • Touring Stock Brushless as per NZRCA 2015 Rules.


All entries are assumed to be using 2.4ghz radio.

If any users are still on old frequencies, this will be sorted on the day.


Transponders are available for hire if required. Cost is $20.00 for weekend

Refreshments and Food

For the Saturday and Sunday, there will be Coffee and Soft Drinks available on site.

There will be BBQ Sausage available from approximately 10am through to 2pm on these days as well.

Only valid tender for these is cash. We would appreciate you bringing your loose change for payments :-)

There are also a number of retail food outlets in the local area. Please refer to the (MAP) of the area shown.

Practice Day Friday

This will run as close to the posted schedule as possible.

They will run in class order to allow multi class drivers the opportunity to get as much time for each of their classes as possible.


Grids for qualifying have been generated randomly from entries

Grids for all three rounds of qualifying are also calculated on a random basis.

Car numbers will be allocated at scrutineering and are used for on track identification of drivers only.

Starting procedure is by called staggered start.

Calling is under the control of the race director or his nominated assistant.


Finals grid positions will be calculated from Fastest Laps /Times from Qualifying.

Cars will be re issued new race numbers corresponding to grid positions.

Grids positions will be the same for all three Finals races.

In the event of a final containing 2 or less competitors, those drivers will be moved into the next highest available group allowing for a maximum finals group of 12 drivers. Dispensation has been granted to allow compliance with the new 2015 rules and those 2 drivers will be eligible for placings higher than 11th or 12th.

Results for the finals are based on points. Worst of 3 races dropped.


We understand the need for many to get away as soon as possible.

Prizegiving will be at the track as soon after conclusion of racing as possible.